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9:15 Life Bible Study at Houston's First Baptist - Room 150B

Teachers Directors
Mike LeJeune Doug & Shelley Brough

Last Update: Aug 20, 2018

Class recordings

July 22, 2018 Prayer & Promises(MP3 file) No Slides
No Audio - The Kingdom Already, but Not Yet Aug 5, 2018 (PPTX file)
Aug 12, 2018 Prayer - Do Our Words Matter(MP3 file) No Slides
Aug 19, 2018 Prayer - Grow My Church(MP3 file) No Slides

Brough/LeJeune - Aug 26

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Bridge Class Announcements

Working at Houston Food Bank

We are volunteering Sat Sep 22, 8am-noon at the Houston Food Bank Portwall warehouse. Contact Doug Brough for more info or to sign up.


Next meeting, Sat Sep 8, 9am-11am-ish, room 261

Women's Bible Study

Watch this space for an update!

Church Announcements


August 19, 2018 (PDF file)

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